Hiring For Passion - A Real Life Example

I was recently in New York walking through the Meatpacking District on a Sunday morning and encountered a perfect example of how important it is to hire people who are passionate about their craft.

The previous night, I was (allegedly) having some cocktails with friends and stumbled upon one of the best Gin & Tonics I’d ever had. The drink was so good, in fact, that I asked the bartender what kind of gin he had used because it had a flavor profile that I wasn’t used to.

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What Is RecOps?

“RecOps” is the practice of recruiting optimization.

It works in a similar way that “Continuous Improvement” does in Manufacturing or “Agile Development” does in software.  

These practices serve to enable positive outcomes like fewer defects on a production line or faster software deployment, for example.  

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The Golden Lanyard - A Simple Way To Improve Your Candidate Experience

I don’t know of a single company who doesn’t want to improve their candidate experience.  

One of the best ways to make a big impact is during the interview process.  Specifically, the on-site interview.

While it’s smart to optimize your hiring process from beginning to end, there are some simple tactics that anyone can employ without much effort or investment.  

One such tactic is something I like to call “The Golden Lanyard”.

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My Current Amazon Obsession (And It's Not Shopping)

If you’re not familiar with a Flash Briefing, imagine that you’re a really important person and whenever you give the command, you have a room full of experts who take turns briefing you on a bunch of topics that you chose.  

I use it every single morning as part of my daily routine.   It’s one of the best ways to multitask while you’re in the shower, eating breakfast, making lunch for the kids or whatever.

I thought I’d share my list of Flash Briefings because I get so much value out of them.   I find that most of my friends who bought an Echo only use them to play music or don’t use them at all.   

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The Best Day of the Week to Recruit Is...

Even if I’m open to a new job opportunity, chances are that during the week, I don’t have the time (or headspace) to fully process an email from a recruiter.  No matter what the subject line says.  

If I don’t know you...chances are I’m not reading your email.  

But there’s a sweet spot during the week when the phone doesn’t ring, the meetings actually stop and I almost never get emails.  

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The World's First Augmented Reality Job Fair Booth

The candidate experience at job fairs hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. Booths have gotten bigger, with more creative use of space, but the concept is still the same — attendees line up, talk to a company rep for two or three minutes and walk off with a paper brochure. If they’re lucky, they get a chance to interview in a makeshift, curtain-walled office flanked by three other candidates doing the same thing.

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The Perfect Recruiting Tech Stack

Because I've worked in the recruiting tech space for a few years, I often get calls and emails from ex-colleagues who say something like...

"Hey, I'm putting together my budget for next year.  What new and cool tech should I ask for?"

I think (and always explain) that this approach is the inverse of how you should think about your "tech stack".

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