Just Google Google

I was a panelist on a webinar recently when the host opened up the call up for Q&A.     We answered a few easy questions but then a member of the audience asked, "What company have we not heard of today that everyone will be using in a few years?  What name should we Google to learn more?"

This question caught me by surprise because the pace of innovation right now is so fast that the companies we're using today, could be irrelevant in 18 months or 2 years.   So my response to this person was to "Just Google Google".   

What I meant with this response is that I think the companies that are best positioned to dominate the recruiting space in the future are companies who have plans for global domination today.   Four companies quickly came to mind - Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.   

These companies have massive amounts of resources and an incredible amount of proprietary technology so it's just a matter of time.   Google already made this clear with their recent announcement of Google Hire -- an ATS for small businesses.  

So if you want to see the future of recruitment, just look at the artificial intelligence, augmented reality or voice technologies that these companies are creating today and apply them to recruitment in the future.   Eventually, these companies will turn their attention to our space and put a large number of existing HR tech companies out of business.