The Perfect Recruiting Tech Stack

Because I've worked in the recruiting tech space for a few years, I often get calls and emails from ex-colleagues who say something like...

"Hey, I'm putting together my budget for next year.  What new and cool tech should I ask for?"

I think (and always explain) that this approach is the inverse of how you should think about your "tech stack".

If you're not aware, a "tech stack" is a term used by cool HR people.   To most, it simply represents the tools that you use to recruit and onboard talent.    While that simple explanation will get you a nod of approval at your next HR happy hour, I like to think about it in a much different, nerdier, way.  Here's the definition that I copy, paste and send to people who ask me what new and cool tools they should buy:

"Your recruiting technology stack should be a strategic combination of technologies that are integrated and deployed to deliver a specific experience with defined outcomes that are unique to your organization at a specific time and place."

Fancy, right?

Well, it should be.  Let's break this down:

A strategic combination of technologies - this means that you should buy things that fit into your technology roadmap.  You have one, right?

...integrated and deployed - this means that your technologies should be stitched together whenever possible using APIs. deliver a specific experience with defined outcomes - this means that you should decide what you want your hiring experience to be for your recruiters, your hiring managers and your candidates.  Then determine the outcomes (metrics) that you want to impact.   And then go out and find the technology that will help you drive the experience and outcomes you desire.  Not the other way around.

...that are unique to your organization at a specific time and place. - this means that you should not ask your friend to tell you what to buy.  Your tech stack is unique to your company, to your culture and to where you are in terms of your readiness for specific tools.   

I apologize if you were looking for THE ANSWER to the perfect recruiting tech stack.   The truth is, that it's more complicated than that.   You should have someone on your team who is constantly surveying the market for the latest tools but grounded in your current processes.  Then, and only then, can you design the perfect tech stack for your specific situation.